Saturday, August 16, 2014

In regard to ISIS...

A couple of years ago, I had a phenomenal healing experience as I was out for a walk in my neighborhood.  In fact, I had left the house because the energy I was feeling was so intense…and I really wanted to relieve myself of it.  The intense discomfort I was experiencing had a lot to do with my own suppression of that which I really didn’t want to feel.  However, as those on a “healing” path know, the acknowledgment and release of these things we’ve buried – whether things we don’t want to remember or our own dark feelings we don’t want to own – is vitally important.  Well… I was feeling some things coming to the surface… and part of me was panicking… attempting to push them down… while the rest of me was ready to acknowledge and release… ready for “healing”.

As I walked in this rather intense emotional state, I asked for help… I asked for assistance in releasing whatever it was that needed to be released.  It wasn’t long after my request that I felt – and saw in my mind’s eye – an energy force separate from me… It was still tethered to me… but I could see it… and feel it… as if it were separate.  Anyway, it was beyond-words-ugly.  It was so ugly I couldn't look at it.  In my mind, I was thinking “OMG, what am I going to do?!... I can’t take that energy back!”  Yet I knew as long as it was attached to me, I couldn’t release it.  Suddenly, I turned to it and I said “I’m so sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you.  I repeated this prayer several times… and felt the angst of the energy release until the “ugly” finally dissipated… and what was left was a little girl… me, as a little girl.  It was a phenomenal experience.  And what I learned from this was that anytime I have the feeling of suppressing something… something that’s attempting to be “seen”… I call it up… claim it… and use this very same prayer.

This morning, it occurred to me that the group ISIS which is terrorizing Iraq is a similar representation.  ISIS is something most of us would like to very much suppress… and not acknowledge even exists.  However, it came to me that in the same way that Marianne Williamson suggested holding ISIS in the light and love of Consciousness… we could go even deeper… to the root… using the Ho’oponopono Prayer… “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you.” with the intent of supporting a much desired healing. 

There are times when physical force (more masculine in nature) may be necessary… and there are times when the more nurturing force of love (the more feminine) is necessary.  And in many cases – if not all - it’s a both/and.  There is no contradiction.  And for those not called to participate in physical force, we can most certainly assist by calling on – and applying – the love and forgiveness of the feminine which goes to the core of Humanity’s being…  

Today, I sit in the healing energy of this prayer… claiming all that I am… loving all that I am… shadows and all.

Much love,


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Releasing the Dominate Culture

I’ve been feeling an underlying depression for a while now.  At times I experience sadness… and grief… a very deep grief.  At other times, I feel angry and frustrated… wanting to strike out.  This morning I decided to really feel into these emotions and sensations… I wanted to know where they were coming from… What is it I’m grieving?  As I allowed myself to feel… it became very clear that what I am experiencing is in response to death… Something inside me has died

As I delved into my feelings… I began to realize that the pain… the depression… the grief… is related to my release of what I refer to as the False Fa├žade… the man-made illusion of rules… regulations… obligations… and expectations… My connection to this dominating illusion has died… and I’m grieving it.

Frankly, I was shocked by this recognition as well as the depth of emotion I was feeling… Internally, I was sobbing… the type of sobs which accompany deep loss… and letting go. I was shocked by what I was experiencing… because I’ve been consciously separating from the “traditional” for quite some time… Railing against it due to its narrowness… Its exclusiveness… and because I no longer fit in… I’m excluded from its membership… no longer acceptable because of who I am… I’m not a member of the “dominate culture”… and to my tremendous surprise, at a very deep level I’m grieving the loss of my connection to it. 

As a child, the “dominant culture” was my “home”… It was what I knew… It was where I played… felt safe… The structure of the “dominant culture” was something with which I was familiar… and therefore, it felt secure.  Somewhere along the line, however – and to my unconscious as well as conscious horror – my “membership” began to unravel… I didn’t belong to this culture… and I wasn’t accepted by it either… I became more and more conscious that I no longer could support the culture I grew up in as the “dominant culture.”  I became aware that the world – and America – was made up of lots and lots and lots of people who didn’t fit this “dominant culture” either… and who also had unalienable rights to their Life… Liberty… and pursuit of Happiness…   

As I step back and look at what I’ve written… what I’m really saying… I can see – and more compassionately understand - what’s happening in America today… and why there’s so much angst… particularly politically, where one party doggedly perseveres to represent the dissipating “dominant culture”… doing what it can to hold onto what it had, “by any means necessary.”  What’s happening is what used to be the “dominant culture” is losing its place as “dominant”… and those who are attached to this culture feel like something is being taken away from them… and they’re afraid they will lose their rights to live how they want to live… In some ways, they believe they’re fighting to survive… not realizing that other cultures also want their right to exist… a right they/we have had to fight for… When in reality, under an enormous umbrella of freedom and equality… all cultures have the right to exist… but not the right to dominate

So today, I acknowledge… accept… and honor the grief I feel.  I honor and release the “dominant culture” from which I came… and begin to honor and claim a new culture… a culture that claims us all.

Much love,