Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Calling Out the Sacred

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Acknowledging the pain….pain for which there are no words…pain understood and felt at the core of our beings…ready for release…we must acknowledge the pain….in order to be freed…

This morning I am feeling “the hug”…the experience shared with a man I didn’t know…a man without a home…living on the streets…forced to depend on the generosity of others for survival… separated from his lower right leg…his mobility enabled by a wheelchair…minority in ethnicity…sacred life force in expression…

I still can feel the embrace we shared…the unseen connection of sacred beings…a sudden knowing between us of the pain of circumstances, abandonment, betrayal…the blow to the child within…”what did I do wrong?”…the thirst for the touch of another…the desire for acknowledgment of our existence…the pain of invisibility…the anguish of not being heard…the excruciating pain of forsakenness…the unconscious cruelty between humans…the shock to the system…a system created in love

It seems we must acknowledge the pain…the pain experienced…the pain caused…we must weep together…embrace ourselves and each other in love and acknowledgment…acknowledging the pain…acknowledging our existence as sacred beings…expressions of the One Life Force

We must retrain ourselves to see the sacred…that which unites us…that which is our connection…we must see the love of all loves staring at us from behind the eyes of each being…the child…the homeless…the elderly…a colleague…a neighbor…a family member…the one in the mirror…

We must call out the Sacred in ourselves and each other….empowering our differences…the uniqueness of our gifts, talents and genius…the power of our very essence…that which we are obligated to share with the world…taking responsibility for our one and only seat in the orchestra of humanity…

This morning, I acknowledge the pain…the pain of my brothers and sisters…the pain within myself…the experiences of abandonment, forsakenness, cruelty, discrimination, lovelessness and injustice…I acknowledge the pain with compassion, patience and love…and open myself to seeing and being seen…as the sacred expression of the One I, and we, are here to be.

Much love,



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In Gratitude...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A couple of days ago, I drove by a hillside area that had been scorched by fire a few days before.  What I found absolutely amazing was that in the midst of all the ashes and burnt remains of grasses and small trees was the now out-of-place brilliance of several untouched homes; Homes which in all likelihood would be gone without the service and protection of the local firefighters.  Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the service these courageous men and women selflessly provide. 

This morning, I dropped off a little sliced apple and cheese tray (which I picked up at the local grocery store, of course!) and shared my heartfelt thank you.  As I was leaving, it occurred to me how often I don’t acknowledge people for the contribution they make in this world.  Whether firefighters, police, doctors, nurses, teachers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, hairdressers, secretaries, the drive-thru attendant at McDonald’s, the garbage collectors, friends, neighbors, family or the homeless, how often do I really acknowledge the contribution each makes?  How often do I thank them for their existence?  Each and every being plays a part in this world, and each deserves to be noticed, right? 

Today, I am choosing to be more conscious about celebrating and acknowledging the existence of my fellow human beings.  Whether it’s stated out loud or said through a connection with the eyes, I feel called to boogie (don’t know where that came from!) and share a little love.

Love ya!