Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Much Larger House and a Really Big John Deere!

Well, I've decided to "birth" a new blog entitled "Allowing Karrie".  For some reason, expressing and sharing my experiences feels important for my "unfolding."  "Allowing Karrie" is about allowing myself to be "me" - the whole of me.  I had an experience this morning where I suddenly was able to see the largess of another's being.  I could also see the sizable difference in the being and the part currently expressed.  It was like seeing a stone at the bottom of a lake!  In that moment, I had a visual of those extra-extra-large statues outside one of the temples in Egypt (I can't recall the name.) which some say are the actual size of the beings they are depicting.  It occurred to me why this might be possible.  The enormity of our being is incredible..... we just aren't aware of it and therefore play it much smaller than we need to.  It seems the time has come for each of us to by a new wardrobe of a much larger size - and be ecstatic about it!  Wooohooo! So.....the purpose of "Allowing Karrie" is the sharing of my experience and process as I allow myself to expand toward the enormity of my being.  I'm tingling all over and feel like giggling....(smile).

Perhaps, this "drop-in" came through this morning (at least the giggling) because I was "initiated" into "Laughing Yoga" last night.  OMG!  It was a hoot!  We laughed for 45 minutes and I'm still smiling about it this morning.  I never realized I needed to be in shape to laugh!  What a workout!  In fact, I am still giggling every now and then.....(  It feels like laughing will be of great assistance in expanding "me". 

So....I set the intent to laugh, smile and giggle throughout the day.  I also set the intent to feel the largess of who I am and allow myself to match it.  I can already tell I'm going to need a much larger house and a really big John Deere!

Much love,