Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What if there's nothing wrong?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On more than one occasion as of late, the question “What if there’s nothing wrong?” has dropped into my awareness.  Whether applied to the world at large…our communities…our families…ourselves….our current circumstances and situations…What if there’s nothing wrong?

What if everything is in divine order?  What if the chaos, confusion, destruction and falling apart is as it should be?  What if beneath the negativity, shadows and darkness now coming to light…rising to the surface…is the budding of the new…the construction of that which is more in alignment with the Cosmic flow?

What if that which we resist so strongly because it defies our traditions and past understanding, is really the beginnings of tomorrow?  What if those characters, plots and plans which have ruled the world in darkness are now being truly seen so we can make a conscious choice for something different? 

What if we knew there is nothing wrong with the processes which are transforming our world today?  What if we trusted that something greater had this?  What if we knew that we could trust our own connection to the guidance within us, our connection to something greater?  What if we had faith that each of us plays a part in the transformation of our world reality whether in the seeming shadow or in the light?

What if we knew there was absolutely nothing wrong with us…and that the real struggle was whether to trust or not to trust?  What if we understood that everything we are, is perfect?  What if we knew that it is our resistance to who we really are…that which shall become…that causes suffering and heartache? 

What if there is nothing wrong? 
Much love,