Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm pissed.

I’m pissed.  In fact, I’m outraged.  And I blame Bernie Sanders.  If it weren’t for Bernie Sanders I wouldn’t be able to finally put a finger on the root of my building anger over the last several years.  The system is rigged, folks.  It’s corrupt right down to the root.  Whether it’s the Media… the Democratic National Committee… the insidious takeover by the 1%... the curtain has been pulled back… and I am absolutely furious. Yes, I blame Bernie for waking me up… he has been nailing the rigged system for a very long time… However, because I do support him, I’ve gotten to see the corruptness first hand.

The media has repeatedly done what they can to make him and the movement he speaks to, insignificant.  Thousands of people across the country have marched for Bernie… thousands… (check out some of the larger cities – literally, thousands)  How many people know this?  Each panel on any of the major media outlets is stacked with anyone-other-than-Bernie supporters.  Even the head of Hillary Clinton’s PAC is on the panel.  Bernie has received very little media attention and if he were the insignificant force they want to make him out to be, that would be one thing.  But he isn’t, is he.

The Democratic National Committee is about as corrupt as it gets.  They have rigged the system in favor of their chosen candidate.  Check it out yourself.  The vice-chair of the committee just resigned due to this problem.

And then you have the 1%, the few who control the system with their resources.  Money speaks in politics.  It buys media coverage.  We get to hear the message that “they” want us to hear.
The only reason I’m not mentioning the Republican National Committee is because they have no control over a rogue candidate like Donald Trump.  And the media, jumps at Donald Trump’s finger-snapping. 

People cry out all the time, "don’t speak negatively about the Democratic frontrunner, because we may get Donald Trump in November."  Quite frankly, I may vote for Donald Trump in November.  Are you shocked?  I’m a revolutionary.  I’m a person of integrity.  I’m appalled by the words of Donald Trump.  However, the cancerous root has to be addressed.  The system is rigged.  It’s corrupt.  It has to change.  Hillary Clinton is not going to bite the hands that feed her.  If HRC is the Democratic candidate, the only way I will consider voting for her is if she too, begins to take on the system… speaking out about the corruptness… taking on the media bias… the DNC’s bias… the rigged system.  That is how she will get my vote.  My vote will go to the person that is willing to speak up… shout it out… take it on… the person willing to lead the revolution – which can be passionate and peaceful… or not.  This election is about far more than electing the first woman president.  We can’t afford to be that self-serving.  The denial of what’s been exposed is like a growing cancer.  Eventually, the people will have enough.  Vote for change.  Vote for America. 

With love,

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Head... the Heart... and Politics

I find the times we’re in so interesting… one moment celebrating… the next gnashing my teeth in despair… and barely anything between… Overall, it’s exciting… Things are on the move…

For so long, the heart has basically been sidelined when it comes to decision making… It’s laughed off as weak… stupid… not practical… too feminine… And yet… many of us desire a world where love is the underlying law… where people treat each other with a sense of respect… and with dignity… The heart knows these things well… and beneath that hard protective armor most of us have developed… we want what the heart wants… don’t we?

This being said… how do we expect to get there exactly… to the world of which our heart dreams… if we refuse to acknowledge it?... To follow it?... We are presented with opportunities all the time… where the heart says “Yes! Yes! Yes!”… We feel the excitement… the hope… the possibility for something different… then the head bursts in… reminding us of past experiences… of all the things that may happen… things of which we should be afraid… And the heart slowly fades into the background… once again, unheard… disrespected… not given the dignity it deserves…

Without the heart to guide it… the mind creates a world in response to fear… With the heart guiding… the mind creates a world much different… a world based in hope… respect… dignity… a world supporting opportunities for all… while simultaneously encouraging each of us to share what we uniquely have to offer…

It’s interesting… because this battle between head and heart has come to the forefront… Check out the “talking heads” following the political campaigns… debates… town hall meetings… They’re even talking about the head and the heart… One candidate is the heart’s choice… the other, the mind’s… and I’ve found this to be true…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog I didn’t post… It was on my own dilemma between the head and the heart… At that time… one candidate definitely had my heart… the other, my mind… My mind was logical… rational… and fearful… What if the candidate of my heart can’t win the general election, then what?...

I decided at that time… it was time for me to put my vote where my heart is… If I desire a different world… then I have to choose differently… in everyday life… in politics… in everything… And if there’s one thing I’m certain… at least for me… it’s the heart’s time, baby!... And I’m excited about it. J

Much love,